A group of children holding their pencils up.
A group of children waving.

Omushana aims to make the best use of limited resources to benefit the greatest number of children.

Our method of working is founded on a principle of personal contact and friendship both in Uganda and in the UK.

In Uganda, we establish dialogue and ongoing communication with schools and groups, allowing Omushana to fulfil needs identified by the school/group themselves and then allowing continued monitoring of our contributions, the value created, and the best ways to continue our support.

In the UK, Omushana comprises a network of friends and supporters who are involved in a wide variety of roles and who receive regular feedback about the projects they support.  Of course we also appreciate one-off donations!

Therefore, our typical way of working is as follows:

1) Local schools and children's groups contact Omushana Trustees or local volunteer representatives to request equipment, funds or advice. We also contact schools and groups in the area, especially those away from tourist centres, to discuss their needs and how Omushana can help.

2) Once we have established a good relationship and understand how the schools and groups work, Omushana will attempt to help if we believe our support will make a real and lasting difference without encouraging any reliance on aid.  Every project is unique - we have no "typical project".  For examples see our project pages!  

3)  Omushana works hard to obtain the needed equipment, funds or expertise.  Equipment is often sought from a partner organisation/charity which specialises in collecting donations - for example Tools with a MissionPens For Kids UKKitAidDress A Girl and The Green Centre, Brighton.   Funds come from lots of sources including UK school fundraising and individuals.  Assistance with advice and expertise is usually found in Uganda.

4) Whatever the requirement, it is delivered in person to the requesting organisation by a representative of Omushana.

5) Omushana visits recipient groups regularly to monitor the use of equipment and funds and to report on the success of any project we have been involved in.

A group of happy children holding their textbooks up.
A group of children gathered around a box of books.