Bringing Water to Katembe
12 Feb 2023

In 2022, thanks to a partnership with H2O for Life in the USA, Omushana was able to facilitate a project to bring water to Katembe Primary School. Up until 2022, pupils had to walk a round trip of 1km fetching water from a nearby stream and could only bring enought for hand washing. No drinking water was available. Thanks to donations from a fantastic supporter in USA and several Omushana supporters, over 600 pupils and 4 villages now have access to piped spring sourced water for the first time. All the local communities were fully involved in the project - digging the trenches and adding connections to four villages. The twelve community taps are being managed carefully.  Each family pays a small fee to use the tap which will create a fund for future maintenance and repairs.  

tap tap katembe

The school and the community held some great celebrations!

Katembe dance  adults dance