Crowd Fund Launched to build our second Community Library
28 Apr 2017

Omushana has launched its first ever Crowd Fund to raise the funds needed to create our second Community Library which will bring books and laptops to over 1000 children living in and around Ruhija, Bwindi


Following on from the success of the Buhoma Community Library, Omushana now plans to open a second Community Library, this time at Ruhija, Bwindi.

Thanks to a generous grant from the British Foreign Schools Society, donations from existing supporters and contributions from the local Ruhija community, we have already raised over £12,000 of the £15,000 needed to complete the project.

This leaves just £2,000 to be raised to ensure the library can be built, opened and staffed by the end of 2017.

Please support our Crowd Fund appeal to help us reach our target.

Go to to donate.