New Community Library on the edge of Mgahinga National Park
18 Jan 2020

Omushana is working closely with the local community at Mgahinga on the south-western border of Uganda to introduce a reading culture to their children.

The staff and pupils of Gisozi Primary School have been incredibly enthusiastic, creating a reading and IT library on site.


We've been working hard to bring them lots of story books, and it's just been announced that the British Foreign Schools Society (BFSS) have awarded us a grant to allow this to happen!


We have big plans for 2020, including the opening of the library; the introduction of our “book box” project; and a reading promotion seminar aimed at teachers to encourage them and their pupils to have fun with books. Later in the year we will add laptops and IT training and employ a librarian.


Exciting times are ahead for the thousands of children that will be able to benefit from these new resources!