Newnham C oF E Primary School

Newnham C of E Primary School in Eastcote, London has adopted Omushana as its school charity for the past 5 years. This has lead to over £1500 in donations PLUS over £850 raised by sales of crafts.

That is amazing!  Thank you Newnham School.

These donations have helped make such a difference to the Buhoma Community Library, Nyakeina Primary School and Murushasha Community School.

And letters from the Newnham pupils have made it all the way to pupils at several primary schools in Uganda....

Children holding papers towards the camera.
Children learning.
Children holding up papers towards the camera.

Meole Brace Secondary School Science College

Meole Brace Secondary School in Shrewsbury fundraises every year to support Kyeshero Secondary Vocational School. The pupils have run craft and cake sales and each year the Design Technology department helps the Year 8s to construct wonderful collection boxes which the pupils use to collect cash.  In 2016 they raised around £750 which was enough to build latrines at Kyeshero School and in 2017 their efforts will help to complete a water tank for their Ugandan friends.

The raised money.
Children watching a projected image.

Boltons C of E Primary School

Boltons C of E Primary School in Cumbria was the first school to get involved.

After a successful raffle raised over £180, the pupils enjoyed an Omushana presentation of slides and videos. Years 1 - 3 particularly enjoyed dancing along with a video of the pupils of Kanyashande Primary School.

We are also grateful to so many amazing individuals who have given support to Omushana since 2010.   The role of honour for 2017 includes:

The Shropshire Women's Institute groups, Mark & Jenni Duffell, Finn Fermor, Isa Olsen, Sue Davies, Susan Browne, Joy Tetsil, Dave Green, Lee & Russell Good, Melanie Rees & the Green Centre volunteers,Tiger & Sky Mileto, TIna Teearu, Co-Op MId-Counties Food Stores of Shrewsbury especially Clive, Co-Op Group Food Stores especially Jo & Russell.

Omushana Project Locations