Lack of text books is one of the main problems in Ugandan schools. In most classes there will be no text books available for pupils to use and in some schools the teachers do not even have access to curriculum guides or reference books.

Omushana collects text books no longer required by UK schools and these are checked for relevance to the Uganda curriculum. Books which would not be useful in Uganda are sold (proceeds are used to fund book transportation costs) or donated to other charities.

To date, supporters and UK schools have donated over 1,500 books!

Books have also been given to Omushana by other charities such as ReadInternational.

Grants are also provided for schools to purchase Uganda curriculum text books. These cost approximately £5 each and Omushana aims to fund sets of at least 20 books so that pupils will be able to use these in class (sharing a book between 2-3 students).