The two Omushana Community Libraries can be used by children and community members over a wide area to the north of Bwindi Forest.  Buhoma Library opened in 2013 and Ruhija Library was opened in 2018.  We currently have over 1500 books and 10 laptop computers.

Over 3000 children, from over 20 schools regularly benefit from the library resources and the services of our 3 library staff:  Moses, Caroline and Speria.  The libraries are open 6 days a week throughout the year.

Caroline and Speria are our reading champions - visiting schools to bring the joy of books to classes every day or reading to children who visit the libraries. 

Moses is our IT expert, available for IT tuition and training to primary classes through the region and running courses for secondary students and other community members in the school holidays.

We also provide transport to bring children to the libraries from longer distances and have a "book box" mobile library scheme to take books to schools all around the forest.


In 2015 we started a programme called "Fun with Books" which is revolutionising the local reading culture. Thanks to some amazing volunteers, the children in and around Buhoma are starting to enjoy reading as a leisure activity and the literacy levels are rising as a result. The Libraries are now packed at every opportunity!

It costs us £200 per month to run the two libraries.

To help us continue our work to promote reading and to make books and IT accessible to children around Bwindi Forest please DONATE now!