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Back in 2010 when we brought the first laptops to Buhoma Community Primary School, few of the children in the area had seen a computer.  A lot has changed in the last 7 years and Omushana has been at the forefront of bringing laptops and IT training to children, teachers and communities living near Bwindi Forest. We have provided over 25 laptops to different schools and groups in many of the villages and have a full time IT tutor and 10 laptops in our Community Library at Buhoma.  

A teacher at Buhoma Primary sent us the following message:

"We continue to appreciate your continued support to our school. Computers and the printer are so helpful to the school....revision questions are made easy and we hope we shall get good grades this year because of continuous printed qu estions to our candidates for revision."

We currently source our laptops from supporters and the charity InKind Direct.

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