In addition to our existing projects (see the projects pages), we have identified 4 new priorities for 2017 - your help is needed to make these a reality!

1. New Community Library and IT Training Centre


The Buhoma Community Library / IT Training Centre has now been open for 3 years and has proved such a success that we are now planning to open a second library - this time at Ruhija on the north-eastern boundary of Bwindi Forest. Omushana has been offered land and a suitable building right in Ruhija village which would be accessible to over 1000 children and at least 5 local schools.

We need to raise money urgently to fund:

  • Purchase of the building (and adjacent land)
  • Modification, renovation and securing of the building
  • Furnishing (shelves, tables, etc)
  • Purchase of additional books in Uganda (over 800 books have already been donated in UK)
  • Employment of a librarian who will be trained to become our "Reading Champion" for this area
  • Creation of 5 book boxes which will allow us to take library benefits to more distant schools

Once the Library is up and running we also hope to raise enough funds to:

  • Install solar power and 8 laptops
  • Train and employ an IT instructor
  • Run day trips to the Library from more distant schools

We have already received donations of around 900 books and sufficient funds to ship these to Uganda - they are already on the way! Local communities will also be contributing labour and materials to help in the refurbishment of the building.  And the British Foreign Schools Society has just announced it will be supporting this project with an amazing grant of just over £9,000!  So we now only need to raise a further £5,000 to make this project a reality.  

A Crowd Fund is running during May 2017 - to support the Crowd Fund click here.  Or donate via this website!


2. School Nutrition

44% of children in the Bwindi area are so affected by malnutrition that it impacts their brain development - yet this is a region of plentiful nutritious food.

Omushana has developed a project proposal with a local nutritionist and a chef that aims to change the way that schools feed pupils with a goal of reversing malnutrition and positively impacting on the eating habits of the next generation.

The pilot project at Buhoma Community School was a fantastic success, working with the staff, school cooks, pupils and parents to come up with great ideas of how to improve the children's diets.  For 2 weeks school meals were supplemented with locally available ingredients including millet, soy, fruits and vegetables, peanuts and a variety of potatoes, rice and yams.  We all learnt a lot and now we want to promote the feasible options by taking the project to as many schools as possible.  This will cost just £500 per school, with potential for lasting improvements to chidlren's diets and health for generations to come.  


3. Class Support

Omushana runs successful Class (and School) Support programmes in 5 schools in Nyakeina, Murushasha, Kyeshero, Ruhija & Rushaga. 

It costs just £5 per month to join this programme and in return supporters get regular newsletters about the children they are assisting.


4. Water Provision

By the end of 2017, we hope to have provided water to the following schools: Murushasha, Kyeshero & Ruhija

We have already raised 50% of the funds required, including contributions from the local communities.  A partnership with H20 for Life in the USA has raised the remaining 50%. However, further donations will be gratefully received as we also hope to provide water filters to every project so that it is not necessary to boil all water before use - saving valuable firewood. A water filter costs £75.


Other Projects We Want To Continue Supporting

Transportation of equipment

Omushana ships donations of books, sports equipment, vocational training tools and clothes to Bwindi at least twice a year. These donations are taken to remote villages all around the forest. The cost of shipment and delivery for 1000 books, 2000 pens, 5 sewing machines and up to 500 other items is approximately £500 (including the costs of transport across Uganda to Bwindi).

Any donations will help ensure donations reach all our projects every year.

Sports Project

We need approximately £50 per month to ensure children around the forest have access to sports through our projects, such as the Sports Kit Lending Library - and a £1000 sponsorship would enable the Bwindi team to play a full season in the local District League!

Buhoma Community Library

Omushana's flagship project needs approximately £100 per month to run including: funding 2 members of staff; maintenance and repairs for solar electricity and 10 laptops; new books; sending "book boxes" out to 8 schools; and running school trips on a regular basis.

Vocational Training

Omushana is committed to supporting vocational training all around the forest, particularly through the Bwindi Community Vocational College and Kyeshero Community Secondary Vocational School. Funds are currently required for shipping donated equipment and for classroom construction.  We are also sponsoring courses so that pupils can pay reduced fees which will mean they can successfully complete a course.

Any donation will make a significant difference to vocational training for children around the forest.

Classroom construction

Omushana is raising funds to help several schools construct permanent classrooms - for example, Nyakeina Primary School, Rushaga Community School, Bwindi Community Vocational College and Kyeshero Community Secondary Vocational School. It costs between £2000 and £5000 to construct a classroom - local communities always contribute, for example making the bricks and providing labour. But funds are needed for cement, nails and specialist labour.

Any donation can really help us provide a good learning environment for the children at a Bwindi School.

Book Provision

Omushana is committed to providing Uganda curriculum text books to all schools around Bwindi Forest - our aim is for every teacher to have access to the books they need to provide good education.

A text book costs around £3 - £5. So even a small donation can make a significant difference.

Any donation can be earmarked for a specific project - just let us know!

If you have any suggestions or requests for projects, are interested in helping with any of the above, or simply want further information, please contact us.

As Omushana develops and the number of supporters grows, we are hopeful that we will be able to initiate a number of other ambitious projects - watch this space.